Christina Kim "Swinging from my Heels" in New York

What can I say about Christina Kim that hasn't already been said?

The effervescent adjectives apply: bubbly, spirited, ebullient, exuberant... Christina is all of that, and she definitely brings energy... major energy... where ever she goes. Last night in Manhattan was no exception.

The event was the New York City launch party for her audacious new book, "Swinging from my Heels". ~ It took place at the iconic Chelsea Piers Golf Club on the Hudson River... and the glamorous Ms. Kim effectively lit-up the Ryder Cup Room where guests convened for cocktails. The reserve that sometimes prevails at golf media gatherings was no where to be found as Christina filled the place with her raucous (in a good way) laughter.

She was there with, Alan Shipnuck who collaborated with her on the book. ~ The affable Mr. Shipnuck, a senior writer at Sports Illustrated and a columnist at GOLF.com, is the author of two other golf books. ~ He's got impressive Alvaro Quiros eyebrows and appears to be about eighteen.

Charming, droll, and the perfect yin to his co-author's yang, it's funny to imagine them working together.

But they did, and in Swinging from my Heels they've produced a book that's disarmingly honest and ultra-engaging. Cristina has a rare kind of fearlessness that has allowed her to present both the joys and the frustrations of life on the LPGA tour without censoring the messy parts. ~ And there are a few of those.

She doesn't hold back on controversial "topics du jour" nor does she sanitize the salacious bits... but yet you never get that TMI feeling. She shares without over-sharing. Meanwhile her partner has crafted the multi-layered account into prose that perfectly reflects the golfer's personality, so much so that he reportedly told his wife that in a past life he, "...must have been a young, cool, female, Asian golfer."

The pair clearly has fun... and enjoys working together, and it was awesome to be able to help them celebrate the launch of their new book last night. As I got ready to head back to my sleepy Connecticut suburb, I caught a glimpse of Christina, in her beautiful, body-hugging cocktail dress and fierce six inch heels, setting up her swing and taking dead aim at the Hudson River.

The photo series above is from the video Ashley Mayo made last night.


  1. Christina Kim would definitely be part of my dream foursome.

  2. What a fun night. Wishing Christina the best at the tournament this week.

  3. Hey, no complaining about "sleepy CT suburbs" when you get to hit cool events like this. ;o)

  4. During the Solhiem Cup there was an old generation of so-called golf purists criticizing Christina Kim and many of the other players for being too roudy or something. It's people like this who are contributing to the stagnation of the game and it's too bad because everyone will suffer in the long run.

  5. Christina is many things. I think her beautiful core could be seen last year at the British Open. She had an excelllent at winning it and was very disappointed. She played with the winner, Catriona Matthew, and was totally gracious and truly happy for her.

    To me- that is the epitome of sportsmanship and class.

  6. I was thinking of Christina at the British and how wonderful she was with
    Catriona who was a great champion.

  7. Crap... I miss all the fun. I love CK, thanks for the reporting Patricia. Have a fun time at the Sybase... oh, another event I'll be missing...

  8. The book was a lot of fun to read. Alan and C K seemed to work together great in their collaboration. It wold be nice to see some other LPGA players come out with their own personal stories in book form to inspire and attract more fans of the game.
    The book party sounded like a blast too.
    Dave A.

  9. It is indeed a fine line between sharing and sharing too much, isn't it?

    I was happy to read this post because now I will buy the book. Thanks!

    I'd love for Judy Rankin to write a book to. Maybe I'll suggest that she collaborate with Mr. Shipnuck...

  10. CK driving in six-inch heels reminds me of that old, old Ginger Rogers quote. Something about I do everything Fred (Astaire) does, only backwards and in heels. Glad you had a great time.

  11. Ms KIM rocks !

    i doubt many guys could hit a ball in HEELS !

    but it does show how a balanced and controlled swing is so important

    ft lauderdale


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