Foxy Lola Taco - State Farm Scene Stealer

What could be better... on a rainy day... than cuddling with a soft, sweet puppy?

You're right, nothing. So... not surprisingly,,, out in Springfield, IL a tiny, fox-like canine who goes by the name of Lola Taco is currently in high demand.

She was presented to the world earlier on Black Flamingo by proud momMichelle Wie, who brought little Lola with her to this week's LPGA State Farm Classic.

And indeed, the precious pup became a popular cuddling partner this afternoon as players waited out a weather delay. That's Nicole Hage holding LT in the photo above. Nicole has two adorable Cocker Spaniels herself and she's hoping they won't be jealous when they find out about her cathartic cuddle with foxy Lola Taco.

The third round was ultimately suspended today and will resume at 7:00AM CT tomorrow and be followed by the fourth.