Evian Masters 2010 - Maria Verchenova's Flirty Skirts

Flirty is actually an understatement.

Bright yellow and ultra ruffly, the multi-tiered mini that Maria wore at the Evian Masters yesterday went beyond flirty. It's certainly the most... feminine... golf skirt I've ever seen. It brings a fun, festive look to the course... and I totally Love it.

The designer of this flirty skirt is well known in golf circles, but not so much in the fashion design world. Yet. It's Maria herself. The frilly garment... and a matching one in pink that she wore at the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open... is part of the Russian golfer's new clothing line.

I'll have more on Maria... and her fashion line... later. Oh and before you ask... black bike shorts.

Photo: David Cannon/Getty Images - Europe