Sexy World Cup Avatars & An Exotic Golf Discovery

OK, The World Cup. Not a golf event but a global sporting event significant enough that I'd feel remiss in ignoring it.

So it's down to four teams. And that's part of the problem for us casual fans of futbol/Soccer. Like in golf when Tiger's not playing and the casual fans drop out... or just shift their attention elsewhere.

Well the USA (for patriotic reasons) and Brazil (for other reasons) were my "Tigers"... so to speak... but I'm not going to be a World Cup drop-out. Because I really do like the game, and I've got multiple friends from each one of the remaining countries. So yes, bring on the semifinals!

Uruguay vs Netherlands starts in just a couple of hours... then tomorrow - same time... it'll be Spain vs Germany ... and we'll have our final... and that's when I'll pick my team. In the meantime, at the World Cup website, you can create these sexy adorable avatars. You can customize the hair and facial features, plus the accessories. Then you pick a team jersey... and it's really fun! Or maybe I'm just a big procrastinator attempting to avoid my Monday mondainities. (Yes, Monday Tuesday is admin day)

The thing is... what I love about the World Cup, and the Olympics ... and yes, golf... is the global aspect. Players from all over the world and competitions on all corners of the globe make a sport more interesting. To me anyway.

And that brings me to my exotic golf discovery. While choosing a jersey for one of my avatars I actually discovered a whole new country. It's called Vanuatu, ever heard of it? I didn't think so.

I was initially attracted by the snappy looking Vanuatu jersey... then I did a bit of research. Vanuatu it appears, is a pretty awesome, bordering-on-paradisaical, place. It's a volcanic island in the middle of the South Pacific... in the general vicinity of New Caledonia and Fiji... and it has what looks like a very cool, wonderfully casual and inclusive golf culture. I'll definitely write more about Vanuatu in a future post. And may possibly consider moving there eventually.

In the meantime, I've got a soccer match to watch. ---> Update: The Netherlands won and... and will therefor be in the final... Against Spain or Germany. They play tomorrow.