St. Andrews Awesomeness - Ryo Ishikawa in Pink

A few weeks ago Ryo Ishikawa hit the fairways of Pebble Beach in an outfit so impressively pink it inspired an admiring tweet from Paula Creamer.

The shade was bubblegum... but not just any bubblegum, I'm talking the really bright kind. As in, Bubblicious Strawberry Splash.

That however, was California, the birthplace of Malibu Barbie. Clearly Scotland calls for something more understated... with perhaps a touch of tartan.

Well, at St. Andrews earlier this week Ryo once again stepped up to the proverbial plate tee. During a practice round on the Old Course he wore a pink-on-pink ensemble that seemed inspired by a Victorian tea party... up-to-and-including the tartan table cloth. The only things missing were tea cakes and teddy bears. ~ And that's what I love about Ryo. The fact that he wears whimsical so well.

Today's first round found our Bashful Prince in a more conservative mood. Playing with Tom Watson and Padraig Harrington, the Japanese prodigy sported solid white trousers and a wind-shirt in the color Crayola calls Cornflower. Sartorially speaking, it may not have been Ryo's most exciting look but he finished the round with a respectable -4. ~ And I can hardly wait to see what he does wears tomorrow.