Blue Law Bargains & BYOB for Stornoway's Sunday Golfers

Stornoway Golf Club
lies on the grounds of a Victorian castle in the town of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland. The 18 hole golf course has trim, sloping fairways lined with mature woodland, and panoramic views of Stornoway Harbour.

Stornoway is reputed to be a friendly and sociable club where visitors are made to feel welcome. The course is host a number of amateur events including the recent Western Isles Open, part of the Hebridean Festival of Golf, where local golfers get a chance to channel their inner John Daly... at least that's what it looks like they're doing in the photo below.

So here's the thing: this friendly, fun-loving club has a rather strict landlord, namely the Stornoway Trust, which forbids the employment of staff on Sundays. ~ And it seems there are quite a number of ultra-dedicated golfers who aren't letting the absence of said staff deter them.

This is understandably irksome for the club as they're not only missing out on Sunday greens fees but also on... the day's beer cart revenues.

So the club dutifully submitted an application for a Sunday drinks licence... and that's where the Presbyterian church groups came in. They argued that such an exception to the blue laws could "damage morality" and "weaken the integrity of the community".

In the end, the local council took the side of the non-golfing religious fanatics church groups... and Stornoway Golf Club's request was denied, making a Sunday round at the captivating Scottish course an inadvertent bargain.