These Days No One's as Awesome as Rafael Nadal

For now, I think it's safe to say that Rafa is untouchable in his awesomeness.

For one thing he just won his first U.S. Open and at the same time completed a career Grand Slam. And many feel that at only 24, he's on his way to becoming the best of all time.

As I wrote just a few days ago he also plays golf... plays it well too. He played with Fred Couples a few months ago and the easy-going Masters Champion said he was struck by the Spaniard's competitive nature... and mentioned his simplicity and kindness, saying “He is just such a decent kid, who is very humble as well as immensely talented...”

Finally there's that music video he made recently with colombian singer... and golfer... Shakira. It happens to be the sexiest music video of all time. Bar none... that I know of. ~ So, I rest my case: These Days no one's as awesome as Raphael Nadal.