A first LPGA victory for IndyCar Golfer Beatriz Recari

It's 2:00am Eastern time on Monday morning.

 I'm just back from a remarkable weekend in Las Vegas at Blogworld Expo. 

I was there as part of a panel on Women in Sports Media... a multifaceted topic to say the least.  I'll have more on the event later in the week but the highlight was without a doubt people I met.

On the panel with me was Kathleen Hessert, a true visionary in the "sports and social media" field.  Her company, Sports Media Challenge has worked with a number of high profile sports stars... assisting and instructing them in the most effective uses of social media... with outstanding results.

Also on the panel was Valli Hilare, editor of The Fast and the Fabulous,  and the definitive voice for female motor sports fans.  Her passion and enthusiasm for NASCAR and IndyCar racing was inspiring.  So much so that I'm looking forward to attending an event in the near future... and believe me I'd never before been temped by checkered flags.

When I got home a couple of hours ago...  and back to work...  I was happy to discover that Spain's delightful and talented Beatriz Ricari had claimed her first LPGA Tour title at the CVS/pharmacy LPGA Challenge.  Again, I'll be writing more about this awesome win in the days to come,  in the meantime have a look at what Beatriz has been doing when not on the fairways and greens:  a few days ago the soon-to-be-champion spent a some time at the Cafes do Brazil Indy 300.

It seems Beatrice not only gave golf lessons to driver Graham Rahal, she also hit the track in a two-seater with Mario Andretti.  Then she flew out to the west coast and won at Blackhawk Country Club.  Yes, I'm impressed.


  1. Congratulations to Beatriz for her rookie year win. She looks great in that jumpsuit too. ;)

  2. Golf Girl at a NASCAR event—I want photos! :o)

    Congrats to Ms. Recari!

  3. Spain is on a roll!!! Let's see: World Cup champions-Spanish Team
    World #1 in Tennis-Raphael Nadal Coolest Guy in golf-Miguel Angel Jimenez, and now cutest indy-car-driving LPGA champion.

  4. I wonder if she's available for golf lessons. My swing could use some work.

  5. I really would like to commend Recari for the win :) I'd like to see more like her who are new to the LPGA circuit and then win it :) She really reminds me of Zakiya Randall who is also a looker and a model. She's a golf phenom and has won her share of accolades. Aside from that, she has been very visible in motivating young kids, teens and athletes to do their best.

  6. This will also be good for the Spanish Ryder Cup bid I would guess.

    The fact that the country is also producing women golfers who are competing at a high level like Beatriz,Azahara Muñoz and María Hernández.

  7. It would be great to think Beatriz would start playing well consistently. She'd missed quite a few cuts prior to this win, I hope it gives her enough of a confidence boost to allow her to do well consistently.

  8. I am really want to win Recari, Golf girl at Nascar it would be really something interesting. And congratulations to Recari....


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  9. Nice to see a likable rookie win!

  10. Beatriz really put her name on the map Sunday. I was happy for her. I know her friend and fellow LPGA player (and my favorite international golfer) Mariajo Uribe was thrilled for her also.


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