G Women Magazine - The Golf Girl's Choice

by Jordan Farr, aka Golf Girl Junior
Lately I’ve been thinking, “what would Golf Girl put in a magazine if she were to create one?” Well, the other day I happened upon G Women Magazine, and it all came together... this is exactly the magazine she’d come up with! So, I guess it’s no surprise that I found it... in her living room.

What really got me excited was when I saw the feature on a Spa Golf Getaway in the Maldives. It just so happens, I’ve never met a spa treatment I didn’t like love... and I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Maldives for a while now.

The best part of G Women is that while they’re totally golf-centric... they also feature fashion and lifestyles stories that go way beyond the course. In addition, they host events that sound ...STELLAR!

OK, so here’s where it gets good... or as Golf Girl Would say... awesome: If you subscribe to G Women through Golf Girl’s Diary, you’ll receive your first two issues free. .. and G Women will donate $5.00 to Cristie Kerr’s charity, “Birdies for Breast Cancer”. Just place your order here (there's also a like in our sidebar) and use promo code: golfgirl.

Now, let me get back to my reading.