Golf Ghouls and Fairway Phantoms - October Golf

You needn't be a golfer to enjoy a twenty minute golf cart trip across the verdant fairways of River Bend Golf Course.  Everyone is welcome,  even those who've never held club.  There's no dress code either.

However,  if you're not a fan of murderous ghouls, haunted bridges and malevolent scarecrows, you may wish to abstain from this round... it's not one you can win.

It's the “Haunting at River Bend” and along with the "Trail of Terror" at the Community Park, it's part of late October activities in Lisle, Illinois.

The haunting begins at the 19th hole aka The View Restaurant.   A ‘train’ of several golf carts takes off from there, following the cart path through a multitude of "scare points" more frightening than a downhill four footer.

This particular event takes place in the mid-west, but scary golf is taking place all over the country in honor of Halloween. Look for a haunting in your area... if you're brave enough.

BTW - It seems I've been drafted into I've volunteered to take my friend's two little ones to the Haunted Mini Golf this weekend.