Happy Halloween from Golf Girl Media


OK. We could have been sexy nurses or sexy police women... or sexy golfers. But we went for something decidedly more... blue PG.

Meridith, our "Fashionista", created the Avatar style  ...and as blue as we may look... we kind of like it.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Photo by Meredith Horton/Golf Girl Media


  1. Great job Meredith - You ladies look fantastic. Happy Halloween!

  2. Would have preferred a sexy something or other.Your blue for my liking. :)

  3. I wanted to be Jake Sully but my girlfriend opted for the sexy cop costume which meant I had to be her prisoner. :\

    The things we do for love.

  4. .

    for halloween, my ex was a smurf once, and getting that blue stuff off was a real project - good luck

    ftlauderdale FLA

  5. Wow. That is quite some look. I don't to begin to think how long it took to get that look. You know I'm rarely speechless, but right now I am!!

  6. I hope you had fun on Halloween and didn't party too hard. I'd guess you're all still trying to get the blue off this morning. ;)

  7. Monique- Yes! It was really cool and fun to do for you guys!

    Golf Growl- Meredith is an amazing artist and person! Hope you had a great Halloween!

    MM- HAH! Sexy would have been the easy more expected way to do things, here at golf golf media we like to switch things up

    Langston- LOL Langson.. that is awesome :)

    Frank- it was! took us FOREVER

    Ducks- it took a REALLY LONG time... and I am VERY antsy.. EXTREMELY antsy took too long.

    Golf Shark- did that all before halloween for you all :)

  8. M.A.I- We thought it was pretty cool too!

    Golf Growl- Thanks! Hope you had a great Halloween!!

    MarcoMan- :D What you don't find Avatar's sexy?

    Langston- You're a good person!

    FrankD- It's not too bad. But thanks for the wishes of good luck!

    Ducks64- Then we really did accomplish something! :)

    The Golf Shark- We had a great Halloween and hope you can say the same!

    GGJ- You're the bestest!!!! <3


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