Only Two Things - The Golf Date vs Dinner & a Movie

It's often said that the best way to judge some one's character is on the golf course.

Generally the adage refers to business situations but why not apply it when you feel you might want to get serious about a prospective mate?  That's the premise behind today's popular online golf dating sites.

If you've been in a committed relationship for awhile,  you may not even be aware such sites exist, but they do... and there are several that boast a numerous marriages as a result of their match-making magic.

However, I've  also spoken to a number of golfers who say they'd never want to play with their significant other... and can't even imagine hitting the course with a blind date.   Some say they fear a round of golf might reveal more than they wish to expose.

We'll be discussing that dichotomy tonight on "Only Two Things"  from 9:30 - 10:30PM ET.   And we'll be joined by a special guest,  Catherine Behan the force behind a She's a relationship coach,  golfer and former golf instructor who met her own husband on the course.   We'll also be taking calls from a couple of Golf Girl's Diary readers who've tried on-line golf dating sites.

It promises to be a fun show, and you can weigh in on-air by using call-in number 917-889-9592.  ~ Or join the conversation in the chat room on the show page... or just listen at BlogTalkRadio


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    girlfriends are okay, but wives are trouble, but not for the obvious reasons

    guys wouldn't want their spouse to know how much they really spend on equipment they obviously can't use correctly

    only marc calcaveccia has been able to pull this off without incident, but i think his wife was a college level player at ASU, so becoming his caddie was relatively easier, plus all the other tour caddies seem to like her as well

    but except for the occasional round at a resort vacation course, i don't think the idea works well

    anyway that's what i think

    ftlauderdale FLA

  2. My GF has been asking me to teach her, I've been finding excuses. I don't know why, but I don't think golf and dating go together.

  3. So much depends on how the two people see the game. If the guy or the girl are highly competitive it probably won't work and if one or the other doesn't like the game, forget it, but if both enjoy recreational golf, why not. No one balks at mini-golf dates, right?

  4. I signed up for GolfMates a couple of weeks ago... So far, so good. ;)

  5. My Mother actually married a man she met at a "Parents without Partners" golf outing. Tony is her third husband and they'll be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary on Dec. 27. The fact that this marriage has lasted longer than her first two marriages combined, and they still play golf a couple of times a week, makes me think that "golf dating" worked out OK for them.

  6. Doesn't golf take like all day?

    A blind date where you have to be charming and witty for hours and hours, while being repeatedly frustrated in your attempt to get your BALL in a hole, when your ultimate goal is to get your WOOD in her hole?

    I wouldn't play 9 holes at Pirate's Cove on a blind date and I'm really good at mini golf.

  7. Great show last night! My fiance has never golfed and we have been talking about getting her into it. I am all for it but she's a little nervous.

    I understand being nervous, I still get it off the first tee! I think out plan is to get her a starter set of clubs and go to a par 3 or short 9-hole course to ease her into it. Having been a former collegian athlete, I'm confident she will hold her own.

  8. Great show!!! Catherine was fantastic and it fun hearing readers calling Cathy from FL especially Those gals were so funny and had such an upbeat attitude. What passion for golf too!

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    having just listened to the tape - i also would like to add that paramount to the enjoyment of any round, of course, is being considerate of the others in your group, and acting as if you wish them a pleasant round as well

    this seems to have been implied in the discussion, but was left unsaid, assuming a group of four, consisting of two lovers, and two others who just want to play golf

    unless i found myself with just my companion, alone, in a two-some, at a resort style vacation course, i would find it hard to be cavalier about amourous intentions if, two other guys rounded out our group foresome

    similarly, i would hate to have my faculties diverted from golf on bethpage black being paired with, for example, two non-golfing newlyweds

    anyway be well

    ftliquordale FLA


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