The Year in Tiger Woods - As We Reported it

AP Photo / Charlie Riedel
2010 was clearly an interesting one for golf writers. It was a year that displayed, like never before, the divergent appetites for news about Tiger Woods.

Early in the beleaguered champion's "annus horribilis" golf media outlets... large and small... formulated their strategies.

There were those who saw it as the perfect time for a segue into TMZ territory... some even set up permanent residency there.  

Others shied away from even the most innocuous mention of Tiger Woods,  having decided that the mere mention of his name evoked to many salacious images.  Golf media consumers were polarized as well; too much Tiger for some, was too little for others.  

And so it went in 2010.  And I would guess that just about anyone writing about golf on a daily basis would find it interesting to review their own coverage of this extraordinary and unexpected golf story as it unfolded over the past twelve months.  I did, and here, in reverse chronological order, is what I came up with:

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