Gone Madigan: "Women Are More Efficient Golfers Than Men"

Kathleen Madigan has been called the funniest woman in America... by guys like Lewis Black and Jay Leno, no less... and she's the only comedian ever to go unchallenged on NBC’S Last Comic Standing.

The accessible, unpretentious, quintessentially American comedienne, is a golfer too, probably the only one who's ever publicly acknowledged their desire to marry a golf club. Her Prince Charming is a hot young 4 hybrid. The wedding BTW, will take place on Maui.

Ms. Madigan recently entertained troops in Afghanistan on a USO tour, and had 1,500 soldiers laughing in the harshest place on earth, proving that she's seriously funny.

But the ireverrant redhead... who hits in the low eighties... has some wise words on golf:
"Women are more efficient golfers than men.  I play sometimes in my mom's league of old ladies, they're just faster.  They don't have the ego.  They go to the proper tee.  If they're having a horrible hole, they just pick it up and say, 'Double par'.  Guys are slower, because they're all over the course, they don't hit straight, it's ego, and they're playing from the blue tees when they should not be."
Forget all the jokes about women playing slowly, the funniest woman in America got this one right, and there are probably more than a few golf guys out there who aren't laughing.

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  1. Very well said Kathleen Madigan!

  2. We got caught in a dreaded "man-sandwich" last week. Slow playing guys in front of us and blind misogynists guys behind us. That made for a long contentious round.

  3. @ashgolf... man sandwich, that's a great one! why do they all have to go TOGETHER to look over the fence into someone's yard for their mulligan?

  4. Love the "man sandwich" comment. Great post Patricia. I'll have to look out for Kathleen Madigan.

  5. I'll have to check this woman out. I've seen most of the comedians, including several female that I like, but don't know of her. Maybe a possible show guest??

    When I originally read the title of the blog on Facebook, I read "women are more efficient lovers." And I have new glasses yet!! Maybe a Freudian slip though I'm not sure what it means. :)

  6. I have to admit my ladies' league is exactly what Madigan says. We even have a rule that if you aren't on the green by 6, pick up and the next stroke is 8. Keeps things moving. (And while our 70+ year old players may not hit the ball far, these ladies sure do hit them straight!)

  7. .

    FWIW, the course layout, which is gender neutral to my mind, has as much to do with pace of play results as anything else except the mower height of the first cut of rough

    however, it's going to to be sexier to have the guys and gals argue over which one of them is correctly playing at the more proper "efficientcy"

    ftlauderdale soFLA

  8. .

    anyway the JOKE for today is -

    GOLF was invented in IRELAND and then given to SCOTLAND as a gag for fun, same as with the bagpipes and the kilt

    ftliquordale so FLA

  9. You know these arguments wouldn't arise if more golfers played Stableford.
    Then if you can't score pick up and move on.


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