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A couple of weeks ago, Iain Carter of BBC Sports, wrote a thoughtful piece concerning the relative popularity... and more significantly, the disparity in earnings... that exists between men's /women's tennis and men's/women's golf.  The writer lamented the fact that in golf the women's game "continues to live in the shadow" of the men's, and that often the top-20 mens finishers make more than the winner, of the ladies event.

Mr. Carter suggested it might be wise for the LPGA and the LET to look at women's tennis, where women and men play their respective Grand Slam tournaments at the same event.  As a result, in tennis the large disparities in earnings have been eliminated and the profile of the women's game has risen to equal that of the men's.

The post provoked a spirited discussion across the golf blogosphere and on Twitter, where even former British Open Champion, Karen Stupples weighed in.

And we'll pick up on the topic tonight on "Only Two Things" , discussing the popularity of the two sports... and their best moves to ensure a healthy future. We'll have a couple of interesting (and interested) guests checking in with us,  and we'd love to have you join the conversation too... on-air... by using our call-in number, which is: 917-889-9592.  Or, weigh in at the chat room or on Twitter... or just have a listen on the Sport City Chefs network at Blog Talk Radio. We'll be live from 9:30 - 10:30 ET.