Angry Birds: At The Super Bowl & On Your Golf Clubs

A perfect social media storm... and the winning birdie.  That's what  Etsy commerçant, Kimberly Glendora is dealing with right now, metaphorically speaking.

With "a big imagination and lots of yarn" Kimberly creates wonderfully, whimsical knitted items: dolls, decor, hats and scarves... and the most awesome golf club covers.  She does vintage pom pom and tassel covers made to order in the colors of your choice and they're great.

However, it's the birds that are causing the buzz... the multi-chromatic flock of ill-tempered avians, who star in the addictive, puzzle game "Angry Birds"

Not long ago "Madame Wonder Thread"... as Kimberly is sometimes known... has created a set of 6 headcovers based on the endearing Angry Birds.
Oh... and for your driver she did  a green pig.  Yes of course, a green pig.  You see, in the game, evil green pigs try to steal the bird's eggs and the whole point is to kill as many of the pernicious porkers as possible, thereby retrieving the eggs.  Got that?  OK.

The thing is, the game... and its captivating characters... have become enormously popular.  And their popularity is bound to grow with the upcoming release of the Angry Birds' movie, "Rio"

The 20th Century Fox film was promoted a couple of hours ago in a Super Bowl ad that featured hidden level clues... an embedded code for an unlockable level in the game! And judging from the thousands of #angrybirds tweets that spilled forth from all over the world, at that moment... quite a few tweeps suddenly forgot all about Super Bowl XLV.