Putting Better Than Ever. Vijay Singh's Inspiring Week


"I'm feeling good, and I think I've still got it." ~ Vijay Singh

Is there anyone who wouldn't like to see Vijay Singh contending on Sunday's regularly again?   His presence... in any round, of any tournament... adds a dimension that's quite unique.  If you've seen him play live, you probably know what I mean.  A tangible intensity surrounds him... spectators feel it as he approaches the green. It's impressive. 

After a couple of years in which injuries... and reinjuries... have plagued him.  His second place (to Aaron Badley) finish at the Northern Trust Open yesterday seems auspicious.  Singh totaled just 105 putts for the week, and he closed with a two-under-par 69.  He described it as, "the best putting week I've had probably all my career."  

That would seem to bode well for the upcoming season.  
Photo: Golf Girl Media


  1. Vijay has long been a favorite of and I won't be at all surprised to see him contending on Sundays this year.

  2. The thing about Vijay that a lot of amateur golfers really respect is his work ethic, fitness level (i.e. flexibility well into his 40's) and his remarkably fluid swing. Not the most warm and outgoing of players but gets a ton of respect for his approach to the game.

  3. I heard he got a new putter... do you know which one it is?

  4. After the way he reacted all those years ago when Annika entered the PGA Tour event, I still have trouble seeing beyond Vijay the unrepentant chauvinist, but I've got to admire his determination and dedication, and it's always good to see a player doing well when he/she is "on in years"

  5. NigelRLeonard2/21/2011 4:26 PM

    Very cool photo! He's one of the best ever, that's for sure, and I'm always surprised to hear that he's not well liked in the US.

  6. Great photo! Love the rough in the foreground.

    Is there anything you can't do?

  7. Nice blog.Thanks for the sharing.

  8. Love Vijay, watched hime a few years ago at the canadian open. What a great golfer.

  9. The thing with Vijay is that he'll switch putting styles when he stops making putts. I don't see Vijay contending much more than he has in the recent years and its too bad, I like the guy - I hope he does roll them in consistently.


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