A Chat With the Enlightened Golfer - Blog Talk Radio

A bit later today... 12noon ET to be exact... I'll be joining Golf Goddess Margarit Brigham of Enlightened Golfer to talk about... golf.

We'll discuss the state of the recreational game... on course and online... and we'll touch upon some of awesome organizations that are working to make golf more accessible. Particularly for women. We'll talk about how golf media has grown exponentially, and share links to some of the great new golf publications (digital and traditional). ~ The show can be heard live at 12:00 on Blog Talk Radio.

Or if you're not free you can download the file and listen at your leisure. I'm sure it'll be a fun and enlightening time. 


  1. .

    well, i'll be with the new arrivals of the NSU women's golf team practicing my own "enlightenment" here in hot and humid soFLA

    nothing beats a great pair of legs

    anyway, have a GREAT show

    ftliquordale soFLA

    GO UCONN !

  2. I follow Margarit on Twitter and I love her holistic approach to the game.

  3. Great show. Are you really going to the Masters?


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