Men's Golf Fashion - The Fuller Cleveland?


Last year at this time it seemed the latest revival of the Full Cleveland had finally played itself out.

After two seasons of near ubiquity, many assumed it was headed back into hibernation for a decade or so, as it's done a number of times in the past.

Apparently however, that assumption was misguided as recent tournaments have yielded several sightings of the sartorial misdeed.

Tiger Woods and Graeme McDowell were both rocking the look at Doral last week... perhaps emboldened by Rory Mcilroy's rendition at Honda earlier in the month... or Lee Westwood's at the same event.  That's four of the world's top ten right there, and though I don't foresee a full Cleveland-clad Martin Kaymer anytime in the near future, it wouldn't surprise me to see plenty of white belts worn with plenty of white shoes at PGA events this summer.  And these days, as fellow golf blogger courtgolf astutely pointed out, the look can be taken to the next level by adding a striking white driver and/or a pure white putter.

Court, who writes over at Waggleroom, and regularly comments on timely topics at a number of other golf blogs, generally concentrates on more "weighty" issues,  however he's also a keen... and often bemused... observer of fairway fashion.  In a quick tweet yesterday, he asked me:
What's the next level after "Full Cleveland" ? If a guy also has a white there something after Cleveland ?
I thought it was a legitimate question... and I think it needs a name. Any suggestions anyone? The sooner the better, I'm have a feeling we'll be needing it for Ian Poulter at the Masters in a couple of weeks.

Chapeau Noir Golf, one of the world's best golf fashion blogs, a more in-depth analysis of the look we know as the Full Cleveland. Also....The Full Cleveland is a whimsical coming-of-age novel by Terry Reed.

Photo (Tiger Woods): Scott Halleran