Twittour 2011: Golfers in Spain Launch a Twitter Tour

Todos Juntos.  It means All Together and it's the tag line for Spain's bid to host the 2018 Ryder Cup ... but it could also be the tag line for Spain's Twittour 2011.

Twittour was dreamed up by a group of Spanish golfers on Twitter who call themselves #jugones which means... gamers?  Close enough.  Anyway, these golfistas twiteros from all over Spain got to know each other over time via the celebrated social network.  They soon found they shared a passion for golf, and not long ago decided to do what most of us never get around to: they organized a real life golf tour and devirtualized their love for the game... and Twittour 2011 was born.

Twittour 2011 will be a series of tournaments on different courses in Spain.  The first event, Twittour 2011-Lerma, took place this past Friday at Golf Lerma, a pastoral parkland course in the Castillian countryside three hours north of Madrid.  Lerma was created on a site that was once a hunting estate, and when the Twittour group arrived at the course on Friday morning they found the wide fairways and undulating greens covered in a dusting of snow.  The hearty jugones were not intimidated however, and once the snow stopped falling they got right down to business despite the cold north wind whipping across the Lerma's many lakes. After their wintry round the players had a sublime Spanish dinner... with lots of wine. Prizes and awards were then presented.

Twittour 2011
The Twittour 2011 website is great.  There's a blog where members write posts about the tournaments and discuss current events and issues in golf (the awesome @martasegura writes about women in the game). There's also a media gallery with photos and videos and a schedule of events among other things.  And what's so inspiring is the way these golfers got together and made their Twittour a reality.   It looks like the next event is scheduled for May 20 in Madrid.

If your interested in global golf... and who isn't these days... if you're interested in the joy and conviviality of the game, and also if you're intrigued by the way social networks can bring people together, check out the Twittour 2011 website, (if you don't speak Spanish you can put it thorough Google translate and you'll get the gist).

The #jugones have a good thing going on, and their enthusiasm for golf is quite contagious.