Earth Day ShoutOut: For Businesses With Balls

As I mentioned yesterday, we're taking Earth Day right through the weekend with shoutouts for environmentally conscious golfers, golf companies and golf courses.

Ecobioball - A single use golf ball that's perfect for use where balls are just hit for swing practice, like from cruise liners.  This 100% biodegradable golf ball can take the full swing of a professional, yet biodegrades within 48 hours of hitting the water. The Spanish Ecobioball manufacturer claims that it won’t harm marine life and... awesomeness alert... the core of the ball even contains fish food.

Dixon Golf - Dixon Golf offers several different balls with different specifications. They're all eco-friendly and high performance, 100% recyclable and made from reprocessable materials. With the company's recycling program you can recycle any brand of used golf ball at a Dixon Golf retailer and get a credit towards the purchase of new balls.

Wilson Eco-Core - These are high performance balls with a core made from recycled rubber tires and packaging made from recycled board stock lessening negative environmental impact.

Lobster Balls - When news of an environmentally friendly golf ball made out of discarded lobster shells hit the wires recently, it quickly transcended golf media and went viral.  Developed by a team from The University of Maine and the Lobster Institute, a joint Canada-U.S. industry organization these balls are still in the prototype phase, but the amount of interest the story generated is proof that eco-freindly golf balls could be huge... as a business I mean.