My Favorite Global Golf Ball Marker

Don't get me wrong... I like an over-the-top ball marker as much as anyone.

For example, I love TRI Markers. The fine gold and platinum circles encrusted with precious stones are available in an number of different color combinations and can be had for $1,500 and up... way up actually: $10,000 for the diamond-on-platinum.  A statement-making accessory if ever there was one. --->

I also like the ultra-flat ones that snap onto a magnetic clip.  Sometimes they're customizable with photos, or slogans... or anything that inspires. I received one in the shape of a butterfly for my birthday last year.  It always brings me luck... bad luck.  It's now relegated to my jewelry box (for future re-gifting to some unsuspecting soul).

My favorite ball markers are Blingo.  Designed by Swarovski crystals give them sparkle... and they clip on.  And what I like most is that you can customize them by choosing the colors of crystals you want.

This all brings me to a discovery I made a couple of days ago while rummaging through our attic: the tiny coin pictured above. It's actually smaller than our US dime... and has delicate scalloped edges.  It appears to be from HongKong, and with it there was a huge box of forgotten coinage from all over the globe. I've decided to go through it and create a set of global golf markers.  They'll each tell a story and together they'll symbolize the increasingly global nature of the game.