My Favorite Global Golf Ball Marker

Don't get me wrong... I like an over-the-top ball marker as much as anyone.

For example, I love TRI Markers. The fine gold and platinum circles encrusted with precious stones are available in an number of different color combinations and can be had for $1,500 and up... way up actually: $10,000 for the diamond-on-platinum.  A statement-making accessory if ever there was one. --->

I also like the ultra-flat ones that snap onto a magnetic clip.  Sometimes they're customizable with photos, or slogans... or anything that inspires. I received one in the shape of a butterfly for my birthday last year.  It always brings me luck... bad luck.  It's now relegated to my jewelry box (for future re-gifting to some unsuspecting soul).

My favorite ball markers are Blingo.  Designed by Swarovski crystals give them sparkle... and they clip on.  And what I like most is that you can customize them by choosing the colors of crystals you want.

This all brings me to a discovery I made a couple of days ago while rummaging through our attic: the tiny coin pictured above. It's actually smaller than our US dime... and has delicate scalloped edges.  It appears to be from HongKong, and with it there was a huge box of forgotten coinage from all over the globe. I've decided to go through it and create a set of global golf markers.  They'll each tell a story and together they'll symbolize the increasingly global nature of the game.


  1. Using the coin as a marker has two problems, it seems to me, the color and size make it difficult to see on the green. The weight and rough edges don't appear to be consistent with a flat marker that may be in someones line. This was just a comment made by someone who had nothing better to do this morning. I want to be playing golf. We still have to get that round in.

  2. You're probably right, but it seems to me lots of folks use coins as markers. I just fell in love with that one because it's so cute. It looks huge in the scan but it's actually smaller than a dime and very flat/thin. It was in use when HK was a British colony. I have tons of other discontinued coins from all over the world I'm going gather up all the cute ones for my global golf ball marker collection.

    Let's try to play ASAP... Let me know when you can come up. :o)

  3. It is cute. I don't think I've ever seen a coin with wavy edges like that. I do remember some tiny, flat Swiss coins from before the Euro took over. They'd probably make good markers if you can find any.:)

  4. Jennifer, the Swiss never adopted the Euro, they continue to use Swiss Francs.

    I have to agree with LINY -- I have a golfing gal pal who uses a small, non-shiny copper coin as her marker. I'm forever walking on her line because I can't see it.

  5. .

    how about an old NYC subway token ?

    the more distracting my marker is to my opponents, the more money i seem to win from them

    remember when there were no such niceties and an opponent could be stymied ?

    anyway be well

    ftlauderdale soFLA


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