DWTS Update - Aussie Golfers Vote for Jan Stephenson

In a Twitter dispatch from down under, I learned that golfer Jan Stephenson had fared quite well in her Dancing With the Stars debut, receiving "scores of 6 ,7 & 4 for a total of 17". 

For the uninitiated... myself included... this may not mean much, but suffice to say that it's taken Jan to round 2, which will air in Australia next Sunday.
Here in the US we have our own dancing stars, and the Australian episodes don't appear to be accessible, however those who can make it to coastal New Hampshire next week will be able to watch Ms. Stephenson... and a number of other Ledgends Tour ladies... perform live on another kind of dance floor at the Handa Cup.  The US vs International showdown will take place at Wentworth-by-the-Sea May 19 - 22, and tickets are available online.

In the meantime, Aussie golfers... and golf fans...  can call in and vote for Jan.  She won 16 LPGA tour events including three majors, and you can help her add another trophy to her case.

Thanks go to @IMI57DANCER for the Aussie updates !