Fighting Thin: Overcoming Your Fear of the Ground

Developing a comfort level for taking divots
I had big plans this week, that didn't quite happen.

My intention was to head down to Jersey early in the week to watch Sybase practice rounds at Hamilton Farm Golf Course, then turn around and spend the weekend up at Wentworth by the Sea cheering on team USA at The Handa Cup.

In the end an onerous non-golf writing project presented itself that was too good lucrative to pass up, and it effectively put the breaks on my interstate golf adventure.  So for the past six days I've been in front of my MacBook practically non-stop, immersed in the less-than-exciting a clinical overview.  >  >  >

At about noon today... in desperate need of a break after several hours writing case reports... I ventured on to Facebook, ostensibly to scrawl a quick birthday greeting on my cousin's wall. Instead I happened upon a great little video put together by Christina Ricci and Barry Goldstein. You probably know them both, Barry is one of the country's top teaching pros and a featured instructor on Golf Channel, while Christina is the force behind the excellent Golf Survival Guides. Her books speak to golfers of all levels and allow them to bring along a full repertoire of illustrated instructional elements every time they go to the course or practice range.

I've actually known Christina and Barry for a while, but I had no idea they did videos together.  Well, they do... and they're really good.  This one addresses a basic ball striking issue that women seem to be particularly susceptible to.

I've got to admit, topping the ball has always a problem for me. In fact, last year it even led to my inauspicious coronation as "Wormburner Queen". After watching this video though I feel a new determination to work on this issue and really do feel like I'll be able to fix it. I'll be sure to keep you posted.