So, What's Your Price... for a Golf Date?

Everyone has a price.

At least that's premise... and the playful predictable tag line... for a new dating site that's kind of like an auction... of sorts.

You may well have heard of it, because though it only officially launched on May 1st,  it's generated a prodigious amount of press.  You see, What', is an online dating website and marketplace where users can buy... or sell... the opportunity of going out on a first date.  >--->

Traditional dating site...
As you can imagine,  reaction to this bold new concept in dating has been... mixed.  Mixed in the sense that the press has generally dismissed the site as a glorified escort service, but at the same time, membership has been growing at a healthy clip.  Since a soft launch in March, WYP has registered over 50,000 users... and and facilitated approximately 15,000 dates.

As it turns out, site founder and CEO Brandon Wade has been an evangelist for the "market driven" approach to dating for quite a while.  An MIT grad who's held executive roles at several Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric and Microsoft, Wade is originally from Singapore and currently based in LasVegas.  This isn't his first foray into the business of "Sugar Daddy dating" either,, and are all his.  He's even written a book on the topic.

With however,  Wade is clearly pushing the pay-for-play dating envelope by making the economics an open part of the date selection process... as opposed to an insinuated assumption that's never stated.

The site offers an entertaining juxtaposition between photos that perpetuate the idea of "buying a girlfriend experience" and web copy that takes pains to present a practical, efficient more effective online dating model, including etiquette tips (do not pay or ask anyone for payment prior to meeting for a date, "generous members" are expected to pay for the date - there's no going dutch here). There's even a list of eclectic "ideas for a first date" including: a day at the beach building a sandcastle together, making kites and flying them at a local park and... heading to the driving range, to help your date perfect his/her swing.

And there you have it. Some are calling this daring new dating site a glorified escort service while others insist it's simply an effective, efficient way of leveling the playing field. So what's your take... and if applicable, what's your price for a golf date?