2011 Wegmans LPGA Championship - Cristie Kerr's Pragmatic Optimism

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Pragmatic Optimism.

I know, it sounds like an oxymoron. However, I'd guess it's actually a good way to approach competitive golf. Right? I mean, of course you don't want to let negative thoughts to compromise your confidence, but neither do you want to let overconfidence prevent you from "playing smart".

Cristie Kerr was a picture of that perfect balance yesterday when she sat down for her pre-tournament interview earlier today in Rochester on the eve of the 2011 Wegmans LPGA Championship.

She spoke about what it's like to defend a 12-shot victory stating, “I’m not 12 shots ahead of the field starting out this week". There's your pragmatism. But she also discussed the current state of her game which... on the heels of her third straight runner-up finish... is excellent, she's optimistic that it's her time for a win.

The No.1 U.S. golf also talks about a number of other subjects... including her new irons, her recent round at Augusta National and her meeting with fellow "Major dominator" and Audemars Piguet Golf Ambassador, Rory McIlroy earlier this week in Cape Cod. The video is almost 15 minutes long but it's well worth watching for the unique perspective.

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