Golf Girl Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Makeover

Original album cover illustration by Anne-Marie Anderson
I'd been playing golf for almost a year... and writing about the game here at Golf Girl's Diary for several months... when a fellow golf blogger told me about Golf Girl: the song.

Actually, he sent me a link that led to a grainy YouTube video featuring a live recording of what turned out to be an enchantingly whimsical song by a band called Caravan.  At the time I was unfamiliar with the band... and unaware of the Canterbury Scene an early 70s era progressive rock movement out of Canterbury, England that Caravan was a major part of.

Style-wise the era was characterized by psychedelia, lots of long hair and extreme bell bottoms (you'll see that in the video after the jump) but the thing that really amazed me were the song's silly/sweet lyrics... and the fact that Pat, the Golf Girl who inspired the song, shares my name. 

Of course Golf Girl went to the top of my playlist as soon as I heard it, and has remained there ever since. Then, just a few days ago, I read that Caravan was releasing a special deluxe edition of  In The Land Of Grey And Pink , the album that introduced Golf Girl.  The remastered, remixed three-disc set, coincides with the 40th anniversary of Grey And Pink, and contains numerous bonus tracks. It's available at your local retailer or online at HMV, Amazon and Universal Vinyl. You can also order it via their Facebook page.

Now for that ultra-retro video - Rock on Golf Girl!