"An Excuse for Eccentricity" - Golf Inspires Prada

Creators of golf apparel often cite the fashion runways as inspiration for their designs, but the reverse was true last month in Milan at Prada's 2012 Menswear show in Milan... and the ironic thing is: Miuccia Prada hates golf.

Then again, the Italian designer has been quite open about being inspired by things she's not fond of and in this case she did admit that the wacky world surrounding golf, with its eccentric dress codes and good-taste-be-damned point of view, had rather captivated her.

If you like Loudmouth Golf styles... on steroids... with a dash of Lilly Pulitzer... on crack... you'll surely love  this collection.  

More on the Prada line... and reaction to it... tomorrow.  In the meantime you can get a bit of an idea of what I'm talking about by checking out the clip below: