Golf Clubs, Designer Bags & An Odd Upscale Robbery

The brazen burglar didn't have much of a pre-shot routine. 

From what I could see, he walked right into his set-up and took his swing. Of course his alignment was off and a couple more swings were necessary before he ultimately reached his target.

The incident took place in West Hollywood,  just minutes from Wilshire Country Club, and it was  captured on video.  This however, was not the kind of video golf instructors use to help a struggling player  correct his slice. 

This was surveilance video from Mayfair House, a posh boutique in an area not accustomed to the kind of smash-and-grab action that took place a few nights ago. 

After successfully smashing a section of the glass window, the stealthy swinger effectively used his club like a hook, and lifted out a prodigious number of designer handbags, walking away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.  

Thus far it seems, the thief has not been caught.  Law enforcement might do well to show the video to local golf instructors... one of them may recognize the swing.