Golf Pigeon: An Awesome All You Can Eat Golf Buffet

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It's amazing how much golf there is on the Internet these days.

News coverage, at the professional level, is non-stop... and thanks to niche golf bloggers with eclectic passions, it goes way beyond the top-tier tours.

Any kind of golf product or service you can imagine... and a few you probably never imagined...  can also be found; presented and reviewed on myriad sites and blogs and discussed (in sometimes heated exchanges) on forums or via Twitter.

Of course there's plenty of less-than-stellar golf content out there... spam-y sites with tons of garish ads and no original anything... but there's much more that's remarkably good, and I keep telling myself I'm going to create a directory of the good places... but I never quite get around to it. Someday... maybe. In the meantime let me tell you about one site... a relatively new one... that combines a lot of the best elements of a good golf place.

Golf Pigeon, which launched earlier this year. describes itself as a kind of "all-you-can-eat buffet for anything golf" and that seems pretty accurate to me; it's a high quality golf buffet... with lots of variety. You'll find news and reviews, training tips and videos and... just a week out of BETA testing they have users in 122 countries. So it's more than a little global.

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Initially... I've got to admit... I was attracted to their adorable logo... a fierce-looking little pigeon emerging from a golf ball shell (above)... but what sold me on the site were the contests and the pigeon coop where you can redeem "pigeon points for some great golf gear... and of courses, the human element.

After all when a site is social it's the users that make the difference and The Golf Pigeon population is very diverse, but collectively fun, and easy-going to the max... which is a really good way to be when you're talking about golf. They're also passionate about the game.

Oh, one more thing: Golf Pigeon has a partnership with Rickie Fowler and they're currently doing a rather awesome contest with truly excellent prizes.

Hats Back tests one's ability to wear a PUMA hat... backwards...  like the fabulous Mr. Fowler does.

So check out Golf Pigeon, I think you'll be glad you did.