Awesome Infographics - PGA Championship Visual Overview

Infographic by BlueClaw for Direct Golf UK
Before the final major of the PGA Tour's 2011 season is relegated to the golf history books, you'll want to have a look at the attached infographic, created for specialist golf retailer, Direct Golf UK by the creative folks at Blueclaw Media

If you read this blog you know about my obsession with infographics... and golf infographics in particular.  Professional golf is all about stories and statistics, so it lends itself perfectly to engaging data visualization.

Here, a brief history of the PGA Championship is presented in a graphical style that's fresh and whimsical. It includes some of the tournament's more remarkable players, venues and records, and takes us right up to Sunday's Keegan Bradley win. 

Next week the Fedex Cup playoffs begin, and I think we can look forward to seeing some more infographic creativity as the four event series unfolds.  

Here's the full sized version.