The Awesome "Getting to Know Alexis Thompson" Infographic

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Although she's already quite familiar to fans of women's golf, Alexis Thompson hasn't yet become a household name, despite the fact that she's made golf history... a couple of times already.

At age 16, the newly crowned Navistar LPGA Classic Champion is seen by many in golf media as the great American hope for women's golf.... and some are even suggesting she may singlehandedly save the LPGA. However, most of the folks I've been speaking to at the driving range and on the golf course this week, have no idea who Alexis Thompson is.  Granted, these people have mainly been men... recreational golfers who probably don't know Ricky Fowler from Dustin Johnson, either.

In any case, the ascension of Alexis is an engaging story, that presents us with a compelling young player, almost certainly destined for LPGA stardom, and that's what inspired me to create this "Getting to Know Alexis Thompson" infographic.  Consider it a visual representation of random info on Alexis.

Since her historical win at the Navistar Classic on Sunday there's been a bit of controversy about the exact path Lexi will take to full status on the LPGA Tour... you see, no one's ever won an event before attaining the LPGAs minimum age.

For the moment however, the Tour is busy over in Ireland with the 2011 Solheim Cup so a final decision has not been made, but whatever the outcome is, it's a pretty sure bet that we'll be seeing lots of Lexi in the months and years to come.