Consistent and Creative: Yani Tseng's Winning Style

Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images North America
Yesterday's playoff victory at Pinnacle Rock was just one more sign: Yani Tseng's LPGA dominance is incontrovertible, unambiguous and actual.

Ten career victories, five majors by age 22, money milestones, POY honors and quantifiable uber-consistency... these are some of the highly visible results of Yani's stellar game.

But lets get really superficial and shallow for a minute and talk about the girl's look.

As much as Yani Tseng's distinctive personal style, may not appeal to a Bleacher Report Swagger kind of guy... or to those who swear by FoxSports Incomplete Coverage ... there are lots of us who do appreciate her special fashion sense.

Simplicity, it would seem, is at the base of Yani's sartorial strategy:

•  A fitted cap (Adams Golf) and half jacket shades (Oakley)
•  Classic tops in bright colors and close fitting bermuda shorts with a destinctive belt (Lacoste)
•  Simple solid-colored shoes (Footjoy

That's pretty much it... the Yani Tseng style playbook.  Like her game, Yani's on-course look is consistent... yet it's also very creative because, as she demonstrates week after week, consistency and creativity are not mutually exclusive.

The last really dominant LPGA player was Lorena Ochoa who, like Yanni, is 5'6".  The two champions also have Lacoste in common, so it's not surprising to note a few stylistic similarities between them,  but it's the details that make the difference, and personality adds that extra something that creates a personal style.  Like Lorena Ochoa before her, Yani Tseng has a winning one.

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