Catching Up With the Ever-Assiduous Birdie Sisters

Erica (left) & Myah (right) with Kim Vatis of NBC 5 News Today
I cross paths with the Birdie Sisters quite regularly on Facebook and when I do I'm inevitably impressed with their accomplishments. ~ On and off the golf course, Erica & Myah Jackson excel... and they do so with dedication, energy and humor.  They're ultra-inspiring. So much so that we've covered them nearly a dozen times over the past few years right  here at Golf Girl's Diary.

2011 has been no exception.  It was a summer of great golf for both Erica... now 13... and her 11-year-old sister Myah, culminating a month ago with the IESA State Championship where the sisters were the only golfers representing the Chicago area.  Myah shot a 74 for 1st place while Erica Jackson finished in 2nd with a 79.

 And the sisters haven't signed off on 2011 quite yet. They both made the field at the Doral Publix Jr. Golf Classic where they'll be competing against some of the best young golfers in the world at Doral Golf Resort and Spa.  That takes place December 17-23.  In the meantime the gifted golf girls have been hitting the airwaves as well as the fairways, with several recent TV appearances including an interview on NBC News 5 Today.

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  1. Future LPGA stars for sure.

  2. What an inspiring pair of young golfers - it is so great to read about them!

  3. How can you not love and be inspired by these ladies. Always positive and accomplishing new challenges; they're pretty darn cute as well...

  4. Future Williams sisters of golf? They got me thinking. Has there ever been a sister, sister or brother, brother duo in golf? Molinari bros I guess but USA? HHHMMM. The Sorenstam sisters? American tour right? I guess that counts. :)


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