Global Golf - The Inaugural 2012 Iranian Amateur Open

A couple of days ago I received a message from Dylan Harris, an ultra-adventurous friend of mine who happens to run a travel company.

Based in the UK, Dylan is passionate about golf... and a number of the trips his company runs revolve around the game.  But these aren't your typical golf trips... because Lupine Travel specializes in unique destinations, the kind of places some might find... intimidating.

Earlier this year Dylan took a group to North Korea where they played in the North Korean Open.  A fun and fascinating time was had by all.  Now, the success of the North Korea tournament has inspired, Mr. Harris to plan for a new destination and a new golf event for 2012: The Inaugural 2012 Iranian Amateur Open.   Scheduled to take place at Tehran's Enghelab Golf Club over three days from the 14th to 16th  of April, and the event is open to all amateur golfers with an up-to-date verified handicap.

Here's the thing;  though there's currently only the one course in Iran, there's a well established Iranian Golf Federation and part of it's recently stated mission  is "... to popularize and develop golf among every walk of life..."  As such the game has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past several years, particularly among women, many of whom compete regularly on a local and regional level. 

So, I've wanted to visit Iran for years.  I fully understand that the relationship between US and Iranian governments is rocky... to say the least... but Lupine Travel is adept a managing travel in geopolitically sensitive areas, plus I've spoken to a number of Americans just back from Iran, and what I've heard from all has encouraged me to seriously consider taking this opportunity to be a part of the 2012 Iranian Amateur Open.  My intrepid twin sister Cat, is also hoping to make the trip.

We'll keep you posted as our plans develop.