Professional Golfer to Wed Gorgeous Model - Ahn & Marco

Marco & Ahn Shi-Yeon                   photo via
She made history in 2003 when at 19 years, 1 month and 18 days she became the youngest non-American winner in LPGA tour history.

He's a Korean/Argentine model-turned-actor-turned-pop culture-personality... with a sweet smile and killer abs.

While other lady golfers battle it out in Guadalajara at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational,  Seoul Sister Ahn Shi Hyun will marry her ultra-handsome boyfriend Marco today at a wedding hall in Cheongdam-dong, which I'm told is a trendy, young Rodeo Drive-ish section of the South Korean capital.

The union of these two talented and attractive young people is clearly a marriage made in marketing heaven.  After all, In Korea women's golf is huge. So much so that it just naturally transcends into popular culture, inspiring television dramas like Birdie Buddy... based on a comic book with the same title... and video games such as the ever popular PangYa.  Though Ahn has struggled with back problems in recent years she maintains a busy playing schedule and remains a media darling.

Then there's Marco. Like Cher, Usher and Beyonce he doesn't need a last name. Though born and raised in Argentina, once he got to Korea his rise was meteoric.  He's now attained idol status. 

He was attracted to his bride... according to the PR people... because of their shared interest in sports.  And he happens to look great in argyle.  ~ Sounds like a winning couple on a multitude of levels.  안녕하세요 Congratulations Marco and Ahn.



  1. I'm not into women's golf but he has quite the body. ;)

  2. Nice leader board going into the final round at Lorena's tournament, and speaking of Seoul Sisters, Kim (I.K.)looks like she wants to keep that title.

  3. wasn't Ahn one of the players involved in a rules issue last year? A caddie claimed the she and another player switched balls and didn't report it. There was some indication the caddy had an agenda, but no one seemed to know for sure. There was a lot of talk, then nothing. Anyone know how that turned out?

  4. I was reading about the time Ahn's drive collided with a wayward robin. The bird did not survive. So it seems Marco has killer abs and his new wife's got the killer swing. ;o)

  5. Ahn has a very amazing talent. Best of luck to her and her husband!

  6. Ahn has a very amazing talent. Best of luck to her and her husband!


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