Golf Ball Carving - An Artful Way to Recycle Your Balls

This swirly mint-green orb would make a very unique statement hanging on the branches of your Christmas tree, wouldn't it?

You may at first think it's been carved from some kind of exotic stone... or perhaps shaped out of milky green jadite.

You wouldn't even be close.  This trinket is actually hand carved from the inner core of a golf ball. The mint green color is the color of the golf ball core and the delicate gold ring around the center of the sphere is painted on by hand.

Decorative carved golf balls are created by hobbyist woodcarvers who've discovered that the materials in the core of various brands of golf balls make an excellent carving medium. 

A selection of different styles and colors are available on Etsy at a shop called Sticks 'n Stones.  You'll also find them on Facebook where the styles are somewhat more whimsical.

And, if you have any kind of appreciation for homemade handcrafts, you're bound to like these balls.