Golf for Global Understanding & The Axis of Eagle Golf Circuit

A few weeks ago I told you about adventure travel entrepreneur, Dylan Harris, and the Inaugural Iranian Amateur Open.

The tournament is set to take place from the 20th through 22nd of April, when golfers from around the globe will meet at Teheran's Enghelab Golf Course for three days of competition.

Golf's rapidly growing global reach makes this possible, and the fact that The Iranian Amateur Open will allow a diverse group of international players to rise above the current cacophony of geopolitical saber rattling and get together on a golf course, makes the event exceptionally pertinent, laudable and uplifting.  Over the past year I've met many golfers who feel that the game has the power to unify and inspire, and many who share my belief that it can help overcome cultural barriers. 

As for Dylan Harris, the intrepid organizer of the Iranian Amateur Open recently announced that the Teheran tournament would be part of a circuit that will also include the 2012 North Korean Open.

Putting a positive turn on divisive term, he's calling it the Axis of Eagle Golf Circuit ...and rumor has it additional tournaments will be launched later this year, possibly in Cuba and Northern Iraq.

Harris' company Lupine

 Travel focuses on unusual destinations and Full packages, including tours of each country and entry to the tournaments can be arranged through Lupine Travel at or +44(0)1942 704525