Golf Pinning Takes Off - Golf Image Curation With Pinterest

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Much as I try to avoid cliches, I'm going to use a really overused one here: A picture is worth a thousand words. There, that wasn't so bad, was it?  ~ The fact is many (most?) of us are "visual" by nature. We comprehend and retain information much more effectively when it's presented visually.  Visuals enhance our emotional connections as well. 

That's what's behind the massive popularity of photosharing sites like Flickr and Instagram.  Our multimedia lives are now inundated with imagery, much of benign or categorically unaesthetic, some of it incredibly gorgeous, powerful, moving... or downright magical.

Enter Pinterest.  A self-described "online pinboard" that allows you to organize and share the mountain of imagery you run into on the web.  It's been around for over a year, used for the most part, by designers, decorators and DYIers.  Recently however it seems to be opening up to a wider swath of the online population, and growth has been... impressive.  In fact, Pinterest is now one of the top 10 social networking sites.

I originally discovered Pinterest because, as the owner of a quixotic Victorian mansion. I'm continually seeking home decor inspiration. The decor blogs I love led me there, and I was soon spending much too much time purusing victorian design pinboards.

Up till very recently there wasn't much of a golf presence on Pinterest, but that's quickly changing.  A few days ago digital-sports-media-guru, Kathleen Hessert, tweeted about Pinterest and encouraged golfers to start "pinning" their passion for the game. It seems quite a number have heeded her call because golf pins are now beginning to proliferate.

So check out golf on Pinterest, if you're visually inclined and you love the game, you'll certainly find images that delight and you may even be inspired to create your own pinboards.  But proceed with caution, like lot's of good things, Pinterest can be addictive.

Oh by the way, my pinboards are here.