Back9 Network Brings a Postmodern Playbook to Golf

I'm guessing you're already onto this story, as it's being talked about all over the place: Golf's got a new network... and it's called Back9.

The Back9 Network has been in development for a while now - for those of us watching from behind the scenes the wait has sometimes seemed interminable - but creating a new network from the ground up is a massive undertaking, and now that the foundation's been methodically laid out for this multimedia golf lifestyle and entertainment destination, we're getting our first look at some of what's to come. 

With its mission, "to offer entertaining and edgy content that fuses the sport of golf with the exciting lifestyle that surrounds it",  Back9 is creating original content, a glimpse of which is presented in their launch video from the PGA Merchandise show a couple of weeks ago.  Clearly, it's the antithesis of elitist, stogy, sedate and other adjectives unflattering adjectives often associated with the game.

We the obsessive readers and writers of golf blogs... the passionate fans and players of a game we know has the potential to bring people together... have long lamented the lack of innovative golf media offerings.  In fact, it's precisely that "creative content deficit" that motivated many of the best independent golf bloggers to start writing about the game years ago.  Back9 Network is built upon that same motivation, and ready to take it to new level.  The network plans to be broadcasting by late spring, and delivery will be multi-platform, providing simultaneous distribution over the Internet and mobile devices. Follow Back9 on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.