Home Decor for the Single Minded Golfer

Golf Home Decor on Pinterest
"Les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas"

When it comes to home decor, that succinct French expression says it all.  What it means, roughly, is "there's no accounting for taste" but the French version has an authoritative Gallic edge that's untranslatable.

The point however, is ultimately the same, and it's the reason some love decor that's Trendy (modern/minimal) while others embrace the Traditional (old-fashioned/ornate).

That brings me to golf decor... and the third T.   Decorators and wedding planners know what I'm talking about.  The third T stands for Tacky (tawdry/tasteless/trashy) and with golf decor... like any decorating style based on a theme... there's a heightened tackiness risk that requires a bit of restraint. 

Collectible overkill, a plethora of plaid and argyles or too many portraits of Tiger will turn a golf themed room or home into a cloying, Disnefied shrine that would be wearying for even the most avid aficionado.

Parties, weddings and restaurants can take a theme more assertively across furniture, artwork, lighting and accessories to create "an experience".  At home however, the goal is generally day-to-day life and an ambiance that's relaxing and timeless.

These days, decorating ideas from all over the world are being shared online.  Pinterest, the enormously popular new social site I wrote about here a couple of weeks ago, lends itself particularly well to the task.

Early on, I created a Golf Decor board on Pinterest with some images that inspired me. Others have done the same, and while it's true that Les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas" if you're seeking inspiration for decorating with a golf theme, you're bound to find some ideas that work for you.

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