Of Green Jackets, Boyfriends and a Bubba-Bieber Bromance

We wrote about the Bubba-Bieber Bromance a few months ago when it was in its early stages. Then, not long ago mega-popstar Justin Bieber revealed (see video above) that he had an ultra-close friendship with Bubba Watson. Soon after Mr. Watson's big Masters win yesterday, a tweet from @JustinBieber offering congratulations:
The youthful Mr. Bieber... by the way... has a new single. The much anticipated Boyfriend made its debut at number two on America's Billboard Hot 100 recently and has been conquering global markets as well. It's not often that a professional golfer gets covered by Access Hollywood... or makes the pages of contactmusic.com or starpulse.com or omg! or... you get my drift. Bubba Watson may be a bit... polarizing... within the rarified world of golf media, but the fact that he can transcend that insular world - thanks in part his friendship with The Biebs - is clearly going to expose the sport to a wider audience. I think the most impressive thing I've read about this relationship is that Justin Bieber is now down to an eight handicap.