Multi-talented Golfer Girl Will Head to Harvard this Fall

Five years ago we wrote about a unique and exciting new magazine for junior golfers. The target audience was girls, age 5 to 17 and Golfer Girl magazine was the work of a single family.

Claude and Michelle Hooton and their three daughters, Libby, Courtney and Chloe Belle... all of them passionate about golf... produced a top quality publication through the fall of 2008, when the economy took its famous nosedive and ad dollars dried up.

At its peak, Golfer Girl had a circulation of 10,000, with subscribers in all 50 states, Mexico and Canada and clearly served its specialized niche very well. A photo from the summer of 1977 shows the girls... aged 16, 13 and 10...  surrounded by stacks of their first issue.  A total of six seasonal issues hit the stands, and one can still view them at

The Hooton sisters may not be writing about golf these days but it's still very much a part of their lives.  Libby, now 20 plays on the golf team at the University of Pennsylvania and 15 year-old Chloe Belle has taken up rowing in addition to golf, but it's middle sister Courtney who's now in the spotlight, making golf history with a ninth consecutive San Diego Junior Golf Association age class triumph and having recently been signed to play collegiate golf at her dream school, Harvard.  The Hootons have an interesting hole-in-one story too. Courtney spoke about it recently from the Kraft Foods Junior Challenge.