Golf, Guys & Adult Beverages In An Unconventional Campaign

A new multi-platform ad campaign for the popular Mike's Hard Lemonade range of flavored malt libations is already garnering some rave reviews.

The campaign's first installment features a couple of average guy golfers who "change things up" on the course by replacing their normal brew with a can of the brand's sweet citrus-y swill.  The same ad was made with three different endings that the company will feature on its website and in social media.

The thing is,  I rather like the drink... in fact, I always thought of it as a kind of Chick Beer without the lady things.  But I'm totally turned off by the ads.  Which, I suppose is logical, as they're unabashedly guy-targeted... like so many things in golf... and that gets really annoying and makes me want to go directly to Pinterest and spend the rest of my life pinning pictures of pretty manicures and cute cupcakes and dreamy home decor.

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but after hearing how good they were, I did, in fact, find the ads underwhelming... and I think it simply illustrates the inherent dichotomy between men and women... a disconnect that probably plays a part in the difficulty the industry has had in marketing game to women.  Check out the ads here and see what you think.