"Two Good Rounds" = One Great Gift For Your Favorite Dad(s)

Hundreds of golf books are released each year. They run the gamut, from no-nonsense instructional manuals to coffee table tomes on the country's most iconic courses.  Golf history has been the subject of numerous books as well, giving us insights into the origins of the game and allowing us to relive the excitement of golf tournaments that changed lives.

Many avid golfers are also voracious readers.  When they can't spend a day on the links, a good golf book is the next best thing.

As wonderful as these books are and as much as a "golf geek" (like me) might enjoy them, I'm guessing a good number of them might have limited appeal to the average recreational golfer and/or golf fan.  Happily, this isn't the case with "Two Good Rounds".

Elisa Gaudet's new book is as much about the "golf lifestyle" as it is about the game itself.  In fact, the two good rounds in the title refer to the round one plays on the course and the round of distilled libations one often enjoys afterwards with fellow golfers.  Elisa herself is something of an expert in both, having spent numerous years in the golf industry and having raised a glass with some of the world's most exciting players.

The book's subtitle: "19th Hole Stories from the World's Greatest Golfers" is what Two Good Rounds is based upon.  It's comprised of a series of interviews Elisa conducted with 36 of the game's greats, interviews that are uniquely entertaining on a level any and all golfers can relate to because they actually channel the social spirit of the game and reveal the all-too-rarely-seen human side of these revered players.

Two Good Rounds would make a stellar Father's Day gift... for both the golf-obsessed Dad and the one who's occasionally enjoys the sport from the confines of his armchair.  You can purchase it on Amazon or Elisa's website where you'll also find a link to her highly entertaining column. The former model and actress also has a new line of gift items featuring a sparkly version of the TGR martini glass logo.  Personally, I've got my eye on the wine holder.

Whether the golfer in your life prefers the sport's competition or its conviviality... or a little of both... they're sure to enjoy Two Good Rounds.


  1. I love the golf outfit Elisa is wearing! ;)

    It sounds like she has amazing access AND knows what to do with it. I look forward to reading her book

  2. Elisa is so glamorous. I think she's the only gal I know who could actually pull that look off. :o)

  3. at a great gift for a golfer! Very insightful - a lot of people believe that a sports player is just that, I like how this delves into the personal life of players and as you stated the "golf lifestyle."

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