Dylan Harris' Axis of Eagle Circuit Continues in North Korea

A couple of months ago Dylan Harris, and a small group of European golfers, made their way to Iran to play in the Inaugural Iranian Open at Enghelab Golf Course in Teheran.  Despite the political tensions and subsequent media-fear mongering that have shaped the way westerners view Iran for years, the tournament took place without a hitch... and additional Iran events are currently in the works.

Meanwhile, last week in in Pyongyang, North Korea, Harris was on the scene with 15 intrepid westerners and one North Korean for the second annual North Korea Amateur Open.  Again, the universal spirit of golf allowed participants to transcend the noise of rattling sabers.

Dylan Harris, with his company, Lupine Travel, is becoming one of the world's top providers of affordable, adventure travel to "extreme destinations", i.e. the kinds of places one might find on the Current Travel Warnings list.   Lupine tours garner enthusiastic accolades from travelers due to the research and relationship building Harris does on-site and in-country prior to the trip.

For a glimpse at the way an international amateur event unfolds in the so-called "Hermit Kingdom" check out the North Korea Amateur Golf Open 2012 photo gallery Dylan's always amusing, sometimes irreverent Facebook page. The recent North Korea tour also made the pages of UK tabloid, The Sun and Golfing in North Korea: The Hermit Kingdom's New Pastime an article on the tournament was featured in Time Magazine.

So that's two legs of the Axis... of Eagle... accomplished, and one to go.  Putting people and places before politics has allowed Dylan Harris to take travelers... and golfers... to regions sometimes seen as off limits, with nothing but positive results.  I'm quite sure he'll continue venture to such places, and we'll be sure to let you know about them.