A Fox on the Fairway - Golf is Innately Funny... and Uniquely Fashionable

We've got a friend who's currently very excited about golf.  Now in our circle such sentiments are not uncommon, however this particular gentleman (his name is Roger) has never played the game... doesn't watch it on TV either.  Lytham 2012 means nothing to him... and there's only one pro golfer he can name without excessive prompting.

Roger is an actor.  He's performed in Broadway productions and on national tours, but for the most part practices his craft on the stages of community theaters in the tri-state area, and his recent golf obsession is directly related to an upcoming audition he's preparing for.  The play is A Fox on the Fairway.  It is... according to Roger... a classic farce that takes place in the world of golf.  That's what he said when he asked if he could borrow a golf sweater for the audition.  My husband proudly presented his collection of solid, sober solid-colored V-necks by the likes of Lacoste and Hugo Boss and Roger's disappointment was palpable.  This was clearly not what he meant by golf sweater.  

A bit of research into the plot line of the play revealed that golf fashion is an integral part of the humor in A Fox on the Fairway... golf fashion in the Caddyshack sense.  In the end we directed Roger to Loudmouth Golf where we felt sure he'd be able to put together an outfit appropriate for the audition.
Roger is auditioning for the role of Justin, one of the leads and from what I read he'd be perfect.  I really hope he lands the part but the thing is even if he doesn't I have a feeling he may be taking up golf, that's how heartfelt his newfound enthusiasm seems to be.  Which goes to show you (or goes to show me, anyway) that an emphasis on the funny, farcical, fashionable side of the game might be just what's needed to attract a whole new audience.