Offbeat Awesomeness: The Ryder Cup Chronicles of @MikeBelindo

The adventure is well underway for David Amezqueta (aka @MikeBelindo).

He's the spunky Spanish golf scribe with Ryder Cup dreams we told you about last week, and it seems those dreams are already coming true... and then some... as evidenced below. The clip is in Spanish but one needn't understand the language to see that David has excellent access.

I wonder how many US golf bloggers get to kiss their captain (0:02)? This clip certainly begs the question.

Anyway, David is telling his story at Ryder Cup by Schweppes, an elegant microsite on Cronica Golf, sponsored by the global beverage brand.

If you're able to read/understand Spanish... and you're looking for a fresh, fun, first hand view of this most spirited and exciting of golf events... you'll definitely want to follow @MikeBelindo .