#RyderBelindo - Spanish Golf Scribe Strives to Live Ryder Cup Dream

Fifty gargantuan golf balls... each embellished by an area artist... will be on display in Chicago for the coming month as part of Tartan Art on the Avenue, an outdoor art exhibit celebrating the 2012 Ryder Cup. They'll rest on imaginary fairways along North Michigan Avenue, and around the windy city, greeting golfers and fans in town for the biennial competition that's been called, golf's greatest event.

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away in Pamplona, Spain, David Lopez Amezqueta is counting down the days and revving up the efforts. Amezqueta, who many of us know by his pen name, Mike Belindo, has transformed an unbridled passion for golf... and some stellar social media skills... into a campaign to achieve his ultimate golf goal: David hopes to be in Chicago... at Medinah, to be exact... for the 2012 Ryder Cup, providing the kind of uniquely creative, multi-faceted coverage he's known for.

The 40-something Spaniard, with an infectious smile and perpetually tousled mane, has worked tirelessly over the past several years to promote the inclusive, engaging, enjoyable side of golf... the one that squelches traditional stereotypes.  An admitted handicap alto (high handicap golfer), with an unwavering respect for the game and its history... and an obvious appreciation for the 19th hole... David is like many of of us; he works on his game, enjoys his outings and never looses sight of that one shot.  Like many of us, he's hooked on a game he'll probably possibly never get good at.

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And that's what makes @MikeBelindo so relat-able.  His highly visual, ultra-engaging, mediatic style tends to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries... and his humor, energy and passion will surely result in a Ryder Cup chronicle like no other.  That is, if he can make it happen.  And that's where #RyderBelindo comes in. It's the name of the initiative that'll tell the story and as of now, David has his media credentials and some stellar sponsors... but is in need of additional support to carry out his dream. If you'd like to be part of this exuberant undertaking consider making a donation. Whatever the size, it'll go towards the story and it'll be much appreciated. Not only by David but by those who are looking forward to a exuberant, independent, less-than-traditional look at what promises to be a stellar event.

I'll be writing more about David's singular sueno as the countdown continues... and perhaps beyond: David may just be making a stop here in Danbury after Medinah... for a recreational round or two in Connecticut.