Substance & Style - Top 5 Adorable Outfits from the Japan Women's Open

Photos: Yoshimasa Nakano    © Golf Digest Online

While the majority of golf fans are certainly focused on Medinah and Ryder Cup 2012 this weekend, many of the best women golfers on earth are engaged in an epic battle on the other side of the planet at the Japan Women's Open Golf Championship, where... despite a stellar field that includes 8 of the world's top 10 players ...  the the most feared and formidable adversary appears to be the golf course itself.  Wind-buffeted fairways and dry, speedy greens have the entire field over par going into the final round on the West Course at Yokohama Country Club.

For additional details on the 2012 Japan Women's Open you'll want to head over to Mostly Harmless, where you'll find the Constructivist, always a stellar source for news, info and insights English... on the Asian women's golf tours.

For my part, I'm focusing on something a bit more, shall we say...superficial: the awesome golf outfits.  You see, not only are these ladies some of the best golfers in the world, they're also some of the best dressed.

There were dozens of great looks on display during this event, however in the interest of time, here are my top five faves:
• Megumi Kido shared the lead going into the final round. Here she is in city shorts and an oxford shirt. ...on the golf course. A novel idea. ...that looks smashing.  Here's another take on the same look.  Pearly Gates
Ai Miyazato An international superstar and currently 6th in the world, Ai Miyazato has a style that's consistently cute, but never cloying.   Paradiso 
Ayako Uehara  This look is certainly insolite. I love the layers and the fact that they allow a short sleeved polo dress to transcend the summer season. Ayako finished solo 7th today.   Jun & Rope
Chie Arimura  is implausibly cute... TCFW the extent that she sometimes comes perilously close to cutsey.  However the talented top 20 player looks sporty and sophisticated in this outfit. The bold plaid, navy blue and brass buttons, assure that it strikes the right chords of cuteness without edging into the anime abyss    Viva Heart 
Na Yeon Choi  is currently No. 3 in the world and her style is right up there too. Traditional golf elements and a modern color palette are what makes this outfit my choice for No.1.  Hazzy's
Photos: Yoshimasa Nakano - © Golf Digest Online